Transportation of Dangerous Goods

General Awareness Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Road for Material Handlers and Drivers

The Canadian Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act and Regulations govern the transport of Dangerous Goods by all modes and this course focuses on the requirements for those involved in the handling and transporting of those Dangerous Goods. Basically, anyone not necessarily involved in the preparation of documentation or packages but those involved in transporting, receiving, or delivering Dangerous Goods.
Shipping to and receiving from the United States will also be covered if needed and how the US Hazardous Materials Regulations of 49 CFR applies to a Canadian Shipper/Receivers, i.e. what differences may be seen between labels, marks, etc.

At Dangerous Goods Educational Services Inc., we cover all these aspects and customize each course to your specific needs.

Our General Awareness courses are conducted on-site at your location to take advantage of your products, documents, and hazardous items on hand for focused examples during the training. This allows the students to apply the course material in real time to what they will be trained to do upon completion of the course.




The above course is recommended to all persons whose needs are for handling and transporting dangerous goods shipments.


The participant will have the knowledge and training necessary to properly handle and transport dangerous goods shipments.


1/2 day

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