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Dangerous Goods Safety Marks

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  • Safety marks in the form of labels, placards and markings are used to visually identify that a hazard exists. Whether the danger is contained within a small box or a large transport unit, safety marks help us identify the Class of dangerous goods inside and the safe ways to handle, store or transport that container.
  • Just as it is the shipper’s responsibility to classify the dangerous goods, it is also their responsibility to properly mark and label the dangerous goods packages and provide the carrier with appropriate placards when necessary.
  • If any of the safety marks placed or provided by the shipper are lost or damaged during transport it is the carrier’s responsibility to replace them.

    For Example:

    There are 3 separate labels for Class 4 – Flammable Solids.  The background colours are different or arranged in a unique pattern for each division, but each label shows the number “4” in the bottom corner.