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Limited Quantity Mark

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  • TDGR 1.17 (4) for overpack requirements  When a limited quantity of dangerous goods is in a means of containment that is inside an overpack, the following information must be displayed on the overpack unless the marks on the small means of containment are visible through the overpack:
    • the word “Overpack” or “Suremballage”; and
    • the Limited Quantity mark, legibly and visibly marked on a contrasting background
  • TDGR 1.17 (5)
    • The Limited Quantity mark is a square on point, and the line forming the square on point must be at least 2 mm wide
    • The top and bottom portions must be black and the central portion must be white or a contrasting colour
    • Each side of the mark must be at least 100 mm long
    • The letter “Y” may be displayed in the centre of the mark if the limited quantity is in compliance with the ICAO Technical Instructions (for Air Transport)
    • If the size of the means of containment so requires, the length of each side may be reduced to not less than 50 mm, provided that the mark remains clearly visible