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Limited Quantity Shipments

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  • The customer is allowed to tender packages for transport that have reduced indications from fully regulated materials that there is a hazard contained within, except for the package marking
  • These packages are small quantities of dangerous goods normally intended for retail sale or household use
  • It is very important that each of these packages weigh less than 30 kg (66 lbs)
    • If in doubt weigh the package or notify your supervisor
  • For example: UN1950 AEROSOLS, non-flammable – Commonly sold as compressed air for “Dusting Electronics” in a “Consumer Commodity” format for retail sale, etc.
    • If you reference TDGR Schedule 1, you will note that the amount provided in Column 6 (a) restricts each inner container of (Compressed, non-flammable gas) Class 2.2 AEROSOLS to no more than a capacity of 1 L
    • This means the shipper can place as many Aerosol cans that are less than or equal to 1 L in a means of containment provided that package weighs less than or equal to 30 kg Gross weight
    • Note: A zero “0” in Column 6 (a) indicates that no quantity of this substance (most likely PG I substances) may be shipped under this provision as a Limited Quantity