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The Act For the purpose of ensuring compliance

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  • Stop any means of transport, enter, and inspect any place or means of transport if the inspector is designated to inspect it and believes on reasonable grounds that there are:
    o Dangerous goods being handled, offered for transport or transported
    o Means of containment being manufactured, repaired, or tested on which a compliance mark is displayed or will be affixed
    o Standardized means of containment
    o Documents containing information relevant to the purposes of this Act Electronic devices or media that contain information relevant to the purposes of this Act
  • Open and inspect any means of containment for which the inspector is designated
  • For the purpose of analysis, take a reasonable quantity of anything the inspector believes to be dangerous goods
  • Examine information described in paragraph (1)(d) or (e) that the inspector believes is relevant to the purposes of this Act and make copies of any of it
  • Ask questions of any person for the purposes of this Act