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Danger Placard

  • When more than one substance that requires a placard is being shipped in a container, the regulations make allowances for the use of a “Danger” Placard
  • The “Danger Placard” enables a carrier to have a mixed load without attaching multiple placards to the outside of the trailer
  • TDGR 4.16 indicates the classes of goods that can be combined under the “Danger” placard
  • TDGR 4.16 (2) details when the “Danger” placard can not be used
  • TDGR 4.18.1 states the Oxidizing Placard must be displayed when transporting oxidizing gases
  • TDGR 4.18.2 UN1005, ANHYDROUS AMMONIA, is contained in a large means of containment, and the large means of containment must have displayed on it
    • the Class 2.3 placard and a UN number; or
    • the anhydrous ammonia placard and, on at least two sides, the words “Anhydrous Ammonia, Inhalation Hazard”