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Schedule 2

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Schedule 2

For every number (special provision) provided in Column 5 of Schedule 1, this Schedule gives the corresponding text.

Please turn to Schedule 2 (Yellow pages) in your copy of the TDG Regulations.

For example:

Special Provision 34 (S.P. 34)

(5) …no more than two batteries installed in equipment, each means of containment may, until December 31, 2018, be marked with the following: 
(a) “lithium metal”, “lithium métal”, “lithium ion” or “lithium ionique”, as appropriate; 
(b) an indication that the means of containment must be handled with care and that a flammability hazard exists if the means of containment is damaged; 
(c) an indication that special procedures must be followed in the event the means of containment is damaged, including inspection and repacking, if necessary; and 
(d) a telephone number to call for additional


Seen before 2018

After 2018