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Schedule 2

  • Please refer to Schedule 3 of the TDG Regulations
  • Like the “List of Dangerous Goods” in the IATA (Air) DG Regulations, Schedule 3 is an alphabetical listing of dangerous goods
  • In the TDGR, Schedule 3 should only be used as a reference to look up the appropriate UN number so that Schedule 1 (numerical listing) can be utilized
  • Schedule 1 contains all of the pertinent information that Schedule 3 does not, such as Subsidiary Classes, Packing Groups or Special Provisions
  • Col. 1A provides a list of shipping names in alphabetical order
  • Col. 1B the name in French for each entry is given
  • Col. 2 gives the primary class of the dangerous goods
  • Col. 3 gives the UN number, if any, that corresponds to the shipping name in column 1A
  • Col. 4 indicates whether the dangerous goods are marine pollutants