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Empty Packaging

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TDGR 3.5 (4), 4.9

  • Even though a package, vehicle or container may have been emptied of its dangerous cargo it is not deemed to be non-hazardous until it has been cleaned or purged of all dangerous goods residue, as a hazard may still exist. Therefore, applicable safety marks must remain displayed on the means of containment.
  • Dangerous Goods containers that have not been cleaned or purged and the quantity remaining is less than 10 per cent of the maximum fill limit of the means of containment, may include the statement “Residue-last contained” followed by the shipping name on the shipping document. (This does not apply to Class 2, Gases or Class 7, Radioactives)
    For example:

    When a gasoline tanker truck finishes its deliveries for the day and is presumed to be empty, a flammable residue remains.

  • Once the contents of a container have been neutralized or unloaded, unpacked, cleaned or purged so that there is no longer a danger present the person performing those actions must cover or remove the dangerous goods safety marks.