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  • Placards serve the same purpose as hazard labels but are much larger. Placards are required to be displayed on both sides and both ends of a transport unit, trailer, etc. so that they can be seen from all directions. They may be affixed to the frame of or other permanent fixture provided they are on all four sides, this includes being brought forward to the front of the truck from the leading end of the cargo unit while in transport.
  • Dangerous Goods being transported in a large means of containment must display a placard and UN number in accordance with the “Placards and UN Numbers” Table in Part 4 if the dangerous goods:
    -Are in a quantity or concentration that requires an emergency response assistance plan,
    -Are included in Class 7, Radioactive Materials, for which a Category III – Yellow label is required,
    -Are a liquid or gas in direct contact with the large means of containment, i.e., a tanker truck, or
    -Have a total gross mass greater than 500 kg;
    -Are included in Class 1 except for 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 or 1.5 and,
    • are not subject to special provision 85 or 86 and less than or equal to 10 kg net explosives quantity, or
    • subject to special provision 85 or 86 and the number of articles less than or equal to 1000; or
      -If the large means of containment contains a consignment that requires a placard but that placard is not visible from the outside.

*Note* The placards cannot be removed until the container has been unloaded, unpacked, cleaned or purged of all hazardous products and/or residues.